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Schwarzenegger Gives Keynote on Climate Change

Arnold is back and he just gave the keynote speech at this year's ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in Washington, DC. Now that he's no longer the governor of California, Schwarzenegger is on a mission to advocate a national transformation to green energy. He stated that when he started bodybuilding more than 40 years ago it was far from the mainstream sport it is today.

Schwarzenegger ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

Schwarzenegger explained, "We needed to change bodybuilding's whole perception, so it wouldn't simply be equated with men in skimpy bathing suits." His contention is that we need to move past the old arguments over climate change and move forward with a green energy revolution.

Battery Concept Recharges in the Sun

The Light Catcher is a cool concept that combines an AA or AAA battery profile with integrated miniature solar panels. Imagine placing your dead batteries on a sunny window sill for a few hours to recharge. Much like wind-up batteries, the solar concept makes disposable batteries a thing of the past.

battery concept rechargeable solar

Pictured here, renderings of the Light Catcher batteries show a clear exterior that lets light penetrate to the internal solar panels at the core. Besides just typical battery functionality, they also provide a 3.5mm jack for powering compatible devices on the go.

Imperia GP Hybrid Debuts at Brussels Motor Show

Belgian luxury auto maker Imperia Automobiles is reviving their car-making facilities in Liege. Now for $140,000 and change you can get a hybrid gasoline/electric retro-looking GP roadster. This beast will get you from 0 to 60 in four seconds using hybrid mode.

Imperia GP electric sports car

Drop into electric-only mode and you'll add only two seconds to that time. The secret the Imperia GP's dual power plants, including a 1.6 liter turbocharged direct-injected gasoline engine with 209 horsepower. The electric induction motor kicks another 74 horsepower to the wheels.

Honda Civic GX Tops Greenest Vehicles List

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released its list of the top green cars of 2011. Number one for the eighth year in a row is the Honda Civic GX, which tied its "Green Score" with the second-place Nissan Leaf. You may not have heard of this special Civic, since it runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) and sales are limited to specific areas.

Honda Civic GX natural gas

In contrast, the Nissan Leaf all-electric car has made a splash with American consumers looking for a user-friendly zero emissions vehicle. The compact car is easy to recharge and provides an EPA test cycle range of 100 miles. The miniature Smart Fortwo gasoline auto took third place thanks to its small footprint and high MPG.

Zeal Reliant Backpack Features Solar Charging

This incredibly versatile backpack is set for exploration and will even keep you devices charged. Built into the bag is a 1500 mAH lithium polymer battery and a removable solar cell. Besides the portable, renewable power option, the Zeal Optics Reliant backpack packs 1280 cubic inches of outdoor gear.

Zeal Optics Reliant Solar Backpack

Zeal designed the bag specifically to complement their Transcend GPS goggles, which give skiing enthusiasts real-time data on a heads up display. A special pocket accommodates the goggles and of course they can be charged with the solar cell and battery just like other devices.

Self-Contained Battery Concept Charges Itself

This rechargeable battery concept couldn't be simpler. Grab the top and bottom of the dead battery and wind it up! The spring inside the battery housing then turns and charges the power cell inside. Designed by Yeon Kyeong Hwang and Mieong Ho Kang, these wind-up batteries could charge anywhere without external power.

Spark Design Awards Charge Battery wind up AA

The top half of the battery is the actual power cell, described in the design as Ni-mH. The bottom half twists and loads a spring inside the barrel, which as it unwinds turns a generator that charges the battery. Of course, the battery can also be charged with an external charger to save you from having to wind it up all the time.

Nissan Announces Electric Sports Car Concept

Nissan is pulling out all the stops on its latest concept car dubbed the ESFLOW. This vehicle is based on the same technology they have already used on their electric production vehicle the LEAF. One major difference is that the LEAF won't hit 60 mph in under 5 seconds.

Nissan ESFLOW concept electric sports coupe

ESFLOW promises a 150 mile range on one charge, with laminated lithium-ion batteries mounted low for optimum handling and weight distribution. The aluminum chassis and composite body panels reduce weight to help extend driving range and improve performance.

Clepsydra Building Concept Houses Urban Farms

We've seen vertical farming concepts before, but the Clepsydra merges an entirely new building type with an urban greenhouse. We know the benefits of vertical farms include the ability to produce great amounts of food in a small land area.

Clepsydra Urban Farm Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Also the food is closest to the people who eat it, minimizing the need for transportation, refrigeration, packaging and other energy-intensive activities. Bruno Vigano and Florencia Costa have designed the Clepsydra with these thoughts in mind, and created what they call an accessory building, which can be added to existing structures.

2012 Ford Focus Electric is Almost Maintenance-Free

When most people think of the benefits of an electric car, the first thing that comes to mind might be the savings on fuel costs or the lack of exhaust fumes. Ford wants you to know that when it comes to the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, there are over 25 conventional car parts that will never require maintenance or replacement, because they don't exist.

Ford Focus 2012 Electric

Thanks to the fully electric drivetrain a multitude of engine accessories, fluids, hoses, belts and spark plugs that normally need replacement within 10 years or 150,000 miles are made irrelevant. Besides saving money in the long run, this means far less time spent on trips to the mechanic and routine maintenance.

Could the Renew X CAN Replace Aluminum?

One day someone will come up with a product to replace the ubiquitous aluminum can. 106,000 of these cans are used every every 30 seconds in the US. These cans have to end up somewhere, and many of them end up scattered all over the place. For those that aren't recycled or dropped then it's the landfill.

renew X CAN biodegradable can non-petroleum

Haoshi Design Studio may have the solution with its Renew X CAN. The can is crushable just like an aluminum can and opens at the top into a spout. This can has an added advantage however, because the top unscrews like a lid to form an opening that's the width of the entire can.

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