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2012 Ford Focus Electric is Almost Maintenance-Free

When most people think of the benefits of an electric car, the first thing that comes to mind might be the savings on fuel costs or the lack of exhaust fumes. Ford wants you to know that when it comes to the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, there are over 25 conventional car parts that will never require maintenance or replacement, because they don't exist.

Ford Focus 2012 Electric

Thanks to the fully electric drivetrain a multitude of engine accessories, fluids, hoses, belts and spark plugs that normally need replacement within 10 years or 150,000 miles are made irrelevant. Besides saving money in the long run, this means far less time spent on trips to the mechanic and routine maintenance.

Chevy Cruze Eco Delivers Over 40 MPG

Looking for a car that gets great fuel mileage and doesn't require heavy, expensive batteries? Chevrolet delivers with the Cruze Eco, adding features to its standard Cruze model that greatly improve efficiency without compromising driveability. The EPA rates this roomy four-door compact at a whopping 42 miles per gallon highway, however road tests have proven that the Cruze Eco is capable of much better.

Chevy Cruze Eco 42 MPG

So what did Chevy do to push this car close to 50 MPG without converting it into a hybrid? First of all, weight reduction saves fuel. Changes to the wheels and elsewhere on the car were instrumental in shaving off pounds.

ScanGauge II Helps Drivers Conserve

You can read as much as you want about driving methods that will result in better fuel efficiency, but putting them into practice is next to impossible without proper feedback. The ScanGauge II effectively solves that problem by giving the driver real-time data as well as post-trip data, letting the driver adjust his or her driving methods on the fly to maximize fuel efficiency.

ScanGauge II

The ScanGauge II is an energy monitoring device that will mount on the dashboard of most vehicles. As you can see in the picture (which must be in a car involved in a high speed chase), the ScanGauge II shows you your fuel economy (MPG), vehicle speed, engine speed (RPM) and battery voltage. It also shows

Axon Car to get 100 MPG

These green car designs never cease to surprise me! This one from British auto maker Axon Automotive weighs in at a mere 426 kg or about 940 lbs. Despite the large movement toward electric motors, Axon's as yet unnamed vehicle will run on gasoline only. This is fine as long as the car lives up to Axon's claim that it will get up to 100 miles per gallon.

Axon Automotive eco car

The chassis and body panels are made entirely of carbon-fiber and weighs about 400 kg. The 500cc two cylinder engine, amazingly, only weighs 26 kg. In fact, because of its size, if you have engine trouble you can send it in to have its black box

Volkswagen Reveals Golf BlueMotion

The latest concept incarnation of Volkswagen's Golf TDI achieves an impressive 62 mpg. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions are limited to just 99 g/km, less than a Toyota Prius. The vehicle will likely be sold in the UK starting in the middle of 2009. This level of efficiency is achieved with a 1.6-liter TDI diesel engine.

Volkswagen Golf Blue Motion

The engine generates 105 horsepower and brings the car from 0 to 60 in 11 seconds. In addition to the smaller engine, mileage in this model has been increased with changes to the transmission, low rolling resistance tires, and improved aerodynamics.

Introducing the Kelley Green Book

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) has started a green section to provide information on the environmental impact of new and used cars. The focus is on current and upcoming alternative fuels, hybrids, and upcoming electric cars. KBB Green has also released its list of the top ten new green cars.

Kelley Blue Book Green

At the top of the list is the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Smart ForTwo, and the Nissan Altima Hybrid. One feature allows users to calculate when buying a vehicle with a higher price and better gas mileage will pay off in savings. KBB is known as one of the foremost automotive authorities and this move signals

SEV Solar Module Increases Prius' Fuel Economy

Solar Electric Vehicles (SEV) has developed a solar module for the 2004 - 2006 Toyota Prius that increases its already great fuel economy. Manufactured with mono-crystalline photovoltaic cells, the module is durable, has no moving parts and is basically maintenance free.

SEV Solar System module Toyota Prius

The SEV solar system generates 215 watts of renewable energy and uses a 3kW supplemental battery pack for additional energy storage and increased HV battery performance. The system is capable of adding up to 20 additional miles per day of electric mode driving, increasing the car's fuel economy by up

Lightning Accepting Deposits for 2009 Delivery

If you're interested in England's answer to the Tesla Roadster, reserve a Lightning GTS today for 15,000 pounds (about $29,500 US). Lightning Car Company Limited plans to deliver the electric vehicles in the UK starting next year. The company

Lightning Car Company UK

claims the car will achieve naught to 60 in only four seconds, with a top speed of 130 mph. In addition, Lightning claims the range of 30 on-board NanoSafe batteries powering the vehicle will be 250 miles per charge. NanoSafe batteries contain no heavy metals and are

Pedal-Powered Buick Case Thrown Out

Fred Flintstone would be proud of artist Michel de Broin's piece de resistance, a stripped down, engineless 80s era buick, equipped with four sets of bike pedals as means of propulsion. He created the car as a statement about the inefficiency of combustion engines.

Although we appreciate the idea, it didn't exactly display the efficiency of human power. As friend Trevor Baldwin and three others sped down a Toronto street at a blazing 9 mph, a passing police cruiser could not help but notice, turn around and pull them over. The police cited them for driving an unsafe

Hyundai to Begin Mass Producing Hybrids

Today in Seoul, South Korea, Hyundai Motor Company announced plans to begin mass production of hybrid electric vehicles by early 2009. Hyundai-Kia chairman Chung Mong Koo stated that "the importance of developing futuristic, environmentally-friendly cars is increasing for sustainable growth... Therefore, technology for advanced cars, like the hybrid, is imperative." He went on to say that Hyundai plans to develop a small fleet of fuel cell electric cars by 2012.

Hyundai mass produce hybrids

To meet its 2009 goals Hyundai plans to create a mass production system, develop new technology and expand its model lineup. The compact-sized LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) model, the Avante (Elantra)

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